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TheLoft@94 – NP Ngee Ann Polytechnic Students / Lecturer Apartments (Singapore)

Students (In special camps and related activities) and visiting lecturers from Ngee Ann Polytechnic can enjoy a brilliant stay at a 40 unit air-conditioned modern apartment located at TheLoft@94 / Or also known as the NP loft, which is part of the school’s campus.
Once reaching TheLoft@94, you can forget about your cards and keys. All it needs is a PIN code to access the room and you will be into the room in no time.
I will bring you through the entire Loft@94 apartment, which houses 3 bedrooms, 2 toilets, a kitchen, 2 large sofa’s convertible beds and it’s all fully air-conditioned.
Once inside the loft, you will enjoy 2 large sofa’s which could double up as a bed. It is the best place to enjoy a small light breakfast or two.

Bed to Sofa Tutorial
Just for the record, if you like to change your bed into sofa. You just have to remove the orange cover on the top.
Than just try to ‘pull’ the bed open. As in try pull the bed from one end to open the enclosed end.
Cool isn’t it. The sofa is now a bed and not only that, you can use the orange sheet as your blanket which is ultra thick and warm / fuzzy inside.
Moving on!
The kitchen is really cool as well, it comes with a fridge (not those mini ones), a microwave oven, a door to the backyard of the house (not the balcony), a sink and just a bar counter.
Now heading to the bedrooms, this is our first bedroom, it comes with 2 beds, a locker and wardrobe (at the side of the first bed, not in this picture) at the side of the beds. The beds also come with a bedside table at the centre and 2 power plugs.
I kinda noticed that all the beds are super single sized. – The beds are slightly bigger than single size.
Let’s take a look at the master bedroom, it comes with a twin double decker bed with a bed facing beside a balcony which is really awesome. It’s just the balcony which doesn’t comes with a curtain, so you will most likely get the hot sun in the morning. But fear not! – there’s a curtain behind to block out the sun out and since the sun rises from the east, you are safe!
The Master Bedroom comes with a toilet and a large drawer to put your valuables.
The balcony allows an eye opening view of the entire Bukit Timah view, the PIE expressway (along the flyover) and a church.
The toilet comes with anything you might probably dream off – except for toiletries, so remember to get that. But don’t worry, they provided toilet paper.
I will not review the second toilet – it’s so stalky! (I remembered someone was using it)
The third bedroom comes with 2 beds, a locker and a safe box, to put all your valuables in it. (As in its literally a safe box, and its fully digital)
I hope I had provided you a really good insight inside theloft@94.
Now go out and play!

Have fun lofting!

FYI, something I found out was, there is actually hot water supply, but you need to activate it by switching on the switch at the bottom of the kitchen sink.
Remember that!

I didn’t know that the security system at the loft is running on 4 Eveready batteries.

PPPS: You could always refer to Ngee Ann’s SDAR website about theloft@94.

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