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Quiznos Subs – Icon Village Singapore

Today, I visited Quizno’s due to the Groupon offer that was offered to me, so it was incredibly good deal, and since I never had Quiznos before, I thought that it was a good time to try it, so I took the plunge and tried it.

The following is the pricing for Quiznos in Singapore, which was a simple snapshot of their pricing chart.
As you can see, the prices are pretty reasonable.
Although the lunch hours is pretty crazy and you would wait up to about 20 to 30 minutes for a meal, it is due to the limited space. Other than that, it is good.
Many sides were given such as Peppercncinis, Pickles and stuff like that. I don’t have a good memory for stuff that I seldom eat :(
But I did gave a try!
If you love sauces (like me), you wont regret eating this, it is good and some examples include Mustard, Horseradish and the other one which I couldn’t remember about.
This is just a few assortment of what we ate on the toppings.
This is the Terriyaki Chicken sub.
(This is the footlong)
This is what I ate, which is the Terriyaki Chicken Sub, I would say that this sub is actually quite unique, due to the terriyaki sauce. From what I see, it was just chunks of breast meat with Terriyaki sauce.
This more interesting sub, and definitely one of our office favouries is this Zesty Steak sub, it taste amazing, the meat is tender and they don’t shrimp on the quality and the quantity. The sauce is far better than the Teriyaki Chicken.
As this is worth tasting, this is far better than what I ate on the top. Like seriously, this taste so good.
If you add $2.70 to your meal, you could get a small drink and chips OR a cookie (Which is pretty big) OR in total, just get a cup of soup (Which you don’t get the drink and the cookie nor chips)
The chocolate chip cookie is actually really big, bigger than my palm, an estimate is putting 2 credit cards side by side.
This is really interesting, isn’t it.

Alright, thats pretty much it.
If you have any cool subs you would like to recommend, pass it on @jeremy89632


PS: It seems like there’s too much blog posts in relation to food. Will cut on it :)

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