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Review: MEElectronics (Meelec) SP51P Sound Preference In-Ear Headphones with Sound Tuning and Mic

I have received a package on my door again which I have preordered on their website a few days back while they were having their preorder $10USD discount. The current pricing as of this time is $69.90USD. Let’s take a closer look on the earphones to see whether it’s value for money.
My package came in a fedex box and it is starved with paper and some coupons, if I wanted to buy again that is.
Being advertised as being able to choose and match the type of music on the headphones is plain genius. Personally, I ordered this because I really want to be able to take control of the bass / treble response on the earphones and it will be good to have the power to do that.
Especially in the night before you head the bed, you won’t want a powerful blow of bass to hit your head and you would prefer something smoothing to go to the ears.
Just in case you are wondering how is that done, you can actually screw and unscrew the different sound preference ports / screws that Meelec have provided and if you do take a closer look, you can see that the ports (or known as the screws) is really small.
Even I had problems to take a look and count the number of teeth on the screws. So, just in case you wanted to know how to differentiate all the different sound preference ports…
Yes, it’s fully labeled!
The eartips is not as plentiful as the M11 series, but its still decent and reasonable. About 5 pairs is given in total. A pouch is also given, however it seems that the package do not contain the cable wrap and the airplane earphone adapter that was given previously.
Probably the cost of the earphones might have went up and I will speak about the sound signature in just a bit.
If you did spend an additional $10USD, like what I did, you would get the SP51P>, the Microphone on the earphones is really classy and it looks nice from a distant, not like a protruding floating walkie talkie. After testing with the mic for 5 hours, it was sharp, clear and crisp. Ambient noise might have a small impact on the microphone response and pickup. However, if you hold it close to your mouth in the club, it would be fine.
The earphones provide moderately good highs, and reasonable mids, the sound quality of the highs is actually a little clear but not overpowering, the mids is good and like all the other Meelec devices, the lows is actually good and to add on the icing on the cake, it does not overpower the other spectrums, even with the bassiest tuning port on the earphones.
The sound tuning plugs do make a significant difference to the sound, I hear a large sound comparison with the heavy and the balanced sound. After changing the ports, I do notice that the mids and the highs would be clearer and easily audible as compared to the default bassy ports that was given.
The build quality is solid, with no complains to raise. The earphones housing is good and it had survived some of the drops that we had on the earphones. The sound had improved after burning it for about 50 hours. The soundstage is reasonably good, not the best I have seen as compared to the M6, but it is easily audible and the separation of instruments could be improved.

As always, do take into account with the need of your ears instead of focusing on the earphones specifications.

This pair of earphones is priced at a significantly high mark as compared to the other earphones models on the Meelec site. However, it is certain that the earphones provide excellent audio quality for such a price and it could be in the ring with the >$100 mark.


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