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Sending a Self Address Stamped Envelope (SASE) Overseas/Local

Hello Guys!
Today I am going to send a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope over to New York, USA from Singapore. So here is a easy guide on how to do it.
Companies and charities use this method in order to save on postage; a consumer can afford the cost of a stamp and envelope, but the business does not want to pay for the postage on all the letters it sends out.
So in short, when sending this out, you have to pay for all the postage from the origin to your destination, and from the destination back to the origin. So the company or business doesn’t have to pay for the letter and postage as its all included inside your letter to them! – You have to bear the cost of all postages, To and Fro.
So firstly, I prepare the letter outside to post to the destination (In my case:USA) first, I write the recipient’s address (And name/company) on the front, and write the sender’s address on the back. Just in case when things go wrong and my letter went missing, it will come back to me.
And remember, if you are sending this letter overseas / to a foreign country, always remember to buy international stamps.
Secondly, prepare your message to your recipient, so when your friend/company gets it, they will know what you want and they will send you back on what you need.
(This only applies if you are sending a SASE overseas)
Thirdly, prepare your international reply coupons and put it into your envelope, it cost SGD$2.50 in Singapore. This international reply coupons allow your recipient to exchange this coupon in stamps (In their own local country). For example, you cant buy another country’s stamps in your country right? So you can attach this international reply coupon in your letter and when it reached the destination, they can exchange this international reply coupons into their own local country stamps to paste it on and send it back to you.
Prepare the letter (Self Addressed Envelope) to allow your recipient to reply to you. Which means, write your own address on the front of the letter and fold it, so it fits the envelope. (Unless your first envelope [ITEM 1], is very big) AND DO NOT SEAL THIS ENVELOPE!! (This Self Addressed Envelope / reply envelope from the destination to the origin)

So now you have finished preparing all the 4 items right?
Put Item 2,3 and 4 into Item 1.
So which means, Item 1, which is the letter you are going to send to your destination (In my case, USA), should include an international reply coupon, a short note to tell them what to do (When they reply to you) and a letter for them to reply.
(Skip the international reply coupons and affix local stamps if you are going to send a SASE letter in your own country / city)

After that, SEAL ITEM 1, and thats it!

Lastly, you got everything in place, right? So its always good to register your articles (It cost an additional SGD$2.20) as it will get processed faster and its more reliable as it will get ‘more attention’ and tracking for your goods. Registered articles is usually flown via Airmail, thru the airplane!
So, to register the mail, you have to fill up this form. Which you can pick it up from the post office.
Once you are done with registering your mail, you can hand up your registered mail slip and your mail to the post office which will help you do the rest.
They will settle everything else!


They should give you a registered mail slip, as it includes your tracking number to track your letters and articles online and it shows that you have paid!

I try to be as detailed as I can, and if you have more questions, feel free to twitter: @thejeremygoh/ Email or leave a comment.


DISCLAIMER: I try to be as specific as possible and I am not responsible if anything goes wrong.

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23 Responses

  1. Hi Jeremy, thanks. I wasn’t expecting very much when I googled for this self addressed and stamped envelop for overseas thing, so it was a pleasant surprise to find your blog – with step by step pictured instructions no less! Haha. Thanks again.

  2. Thanks so much!

  3. Hi Jeremy, uhm how much do the stamps that you paste on your envelope to USA cost?

  4. I think you can just affix a local stamp, im not too sure about that, check with your local post office.

  5. Hi jeremy, thanks for sharing….
    i want to send letters to sweden.. but am not sure the cost of the stamps… will it be the same cost as yours? and how much did you spend altogether?


    MiyonceMarch 30, 2010 @ 5:55 AM
  6. I used a local stamp. It cost about $6 USD.

    Check with your postal office for more information preferrabily.

  7. I went to the post office today (I live in Ireland)
    and I had no idea what to do because normally I just use email!.

    The woman was really unfriendly and she didn’t even offer me international reply coupons .

    Anyway!, I came home and used trusty Google,
    your post is fantastic. It’s very helpful to me!.

    P.S, I’m trying to get stickers from Tumblr!. gotta love stickers!.

  8. Thanks so much that you and many others enjoyed this post!
    Have a great day my friend!

  9. I turn up this article from google,it’s sheer salutary as far as something me,I just rack up these infomation.I have subscribe the newsletter,do these articles bear copyright limit? can I transmit them in my blog?

  10. Hello! I am the copyright owner on all these materials, although the photos is under Creative Commons licence. Just credit back to this blog and it will be fine. :)

  11. I’m really thankful to stumble across this article! What a comprehensive guide! Thanks so much!

    One question though, what if the company I am sending to does not want an international coupon? Apparently they are not going to bother purchasing stamps to return my SASE. Will singpost sell overseas stamps?


  12. Oh, than I have no solutions on that. Which means the other party don’t seem to have interest in replying your mail, because a SASE is meant to be a form of voucher to exchange for stamps.

    Hoped that I have answered your questions :)

  13. your sharing, it’s very useful


  15. Hi Jeremy,

    Well, I have a few questions, since I’ve never sent one and I’m a bit thick-headed when it comes to matters like this :))

    First of all, I’m not sure if this is the same with “Stamped Address Envelope”, which I am required to send. I’m assuming it is πŸ˜€
    I’m from Romania and I want to send a letter to the UK. So, the main envelope contains a special stamp for the UK (stuck on the back?), my address on the back and the recipient’s address on the front, right? And I have to include another envelope in this one (which is the S.A.E) on which I stick a Romanian stamp, so that the recipient doesn’t have to pay anything if he replies. I hope I’m close :))
    And, last but not least (unfortunately I’m not done yet) I’m told to send a few (it doesn’t say how many, I don’t know why..) International Reply Coupons. What are these for and do I really have to include them since I already have a S.A.E? πŸ˜€

  16. International Reply coupons are like credits, is actually prepaid postage stamps. All you need to do is to actually just get an envelope which you affix the stamp to be sent to another country.

    Inside the envelope, you include another BLANK envelope which you do not need to put anything / paste anything on it, and get about 2 international reply coupons will do (I only used 1) and write a small letter on what is this all about.

    And thats it!

    When the opposite party receives it, they will open your letter and take those international reply coupons to the post office to exchange for their own country’s stamps which in than they will take your spare envelope and paste those stamps on and send the items back to you.

    So in actual fact, you are paying for everything, both to and fro for letter’s logistical fees.

    If you have anything else, feel free to twitter me @jeremy89632.


  17. Hi Jeremy, this is most helpful, thanks. I’ve read once (a while ago) about international reply coupon but didn’t remember the term – and got into a bit of roundabout discussion with the woman at the post office this morning!

    Good thing I was only asking around – not yet sending any, nor was I in a hurry either. Seems a shame though that the PO officials don’t have any idea what I was talking about :(

  18. Thanks so much.
    I was facing a similar situation previously as well, so I decided to come out with something which is simple to understand!
    Do inform me if you do spot any errors / mistakes.

  19. wow! I love your blog! Anyway, what is the difference between “registered mail” between “air mail” ?

  20. I read your information and there is a thing I do not undestand. perhaps you can help me. I wanto to sen d a package to USA from Portugal. I can put inside it some SASE to pay the return but the cost portugal to Usa I can know but I do not know if it is the same cost. Do you understand? Canyou help me? thanks

    rosarioMarch 7, 2012 @ 3:23 AM
  21. Hi, thank you so much for the info, it’s really helpful! One question – Are you sure I can use a local stamp when sending a SASE to the USA? Because I thought I had to use a USA stamp

  22. Could I buy IRC’s from Singapore but the recipients will send the letter back to Malaysia??

    Joel LeeNovember 18, 2012 @ 4:36 PM

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